During the Cuban Footsteps project, filmmaker and director Ross McDermott documented the work of Sam Abell, Cig Harvey, Abelardo Morell, Mark Klett and Greg Gorman. The resulting documentary brings together five unique visions of Cuba’s complex and transforming cultural landscape. McDermott intertwines Evans’s pre-Castro Cuba with the busy streets of Havana and the countryside of Viñales. From the quick yet studied street-style photography of Sam Abell to the uncommon camera-obscura practices of Abelardo Morell, these master photographers reinterpret Cuba for the 21st century.

Return to Cuba has been submitted to over 20 national and international film festivals for 2016.

Director - Ross McDermott
Executive Producer - Skip Klein
Motion Graphics and Art - Dimitri Salonikios
Sound Engineering - Abel Okugawa